Belles of Capistrano  |  Soldiers Barracks Gallery  |  Mission San Juan Capistrano|  2009
Four Women and Their Art (group exhibition)
San Juan Capistrano, California

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Mission Hollyhocks   |   Watercolor on Paper      

El Jardin  |  Watercolor on Paper

Paseo Por La Misión  |  Watercolor on Paper

Figura roja, paseo en la misión  |  Watercolor on Paper

Two Pink Waterlilies  |  Watercolor on Paper

Courtyard Promenade  |  Watercolor on Paper

Last Sail Before Sunset  |  Watercolor on Paper

Watching for Sundown   |   Watercolor on Paper      

Respite  |  Watercolor on Paper

Three Graces, On the Beach at Nightfall   |   Watercolor on Paper      

Chapel Side  |  Watercolor on Paper

Passeggiata  |  Watercolor on Paper

Mission on a wet, rainy day  |  Watercolor on Paper

Front Porch, Main and A  |  Watercolor on Paper

Campanario  |  Watercolor on Paper

Dinghys Afloat   |   Watercolor on Paper      

Sentinels (Eucalyptus)  |  Watercolor on Paper

Last Light on a Misty Day  |  Watercolor on Paper

The Orange Shawl  |  Watercolor on Paper