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So much of what we find compelling, even inspiring, is banal, banal in the sense of commonplace. These are things at once overdone yet completely riveting in their appeal.
          To parallel ­Agatha Christie who said “it is completely unimportant, that is why it is so interesting”, the place that is Venice has been beguiling for centuries. Each visioning unfolds anew, astonishing and fresh, even in the shadow of all that has gone before and done its best to make it ­ordinary.
          I am interested in the duality between the “overly pictured” and the eternally interesting. ­Reimagining paintings and sketches I’ve done in Venice, using ­media redolent of the past, I ­create images that reference, as they reinterpret, the iconic sights and sites of Venice that are, as well, new and of today.
          I am concerned with the figurative, revisiting images until they are exhausted, making careful note of that beauty that is truth, that is simple, that is found in the everyday, that strikes a chord that ­silences, for a moment, the clamor.

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