Design and Project Management




I started out doing typesetting and page layout and design for both advertising and technical clients and wound up managing an in-house marketing communications and design department for an international company whose business is optics and lasers. After that, as I devoted more time to my own art practice,  I moved into freelance work, doing book design and announcements for artists and writers as well as project management, technical sheets and website upkeep and organization.

I've been responsible for projects as large as a thousand page multi-chapter technical catalog and e-commerce website and as small as that simple, but important, postcard announcing a company move.

All along the way hallmarks of my aesthetic vision have been and remain clean, clear designs  that facilitate communication.

Legibility is key —using interesting type and design that is legible where it matters. I achieve success with careful planning and know the importance of maintaining a strong, holistic, unifying identity — identity and brand being  key strategic assets.

I come well-recommended — you will find me easy to work with because I am straightforward in my approach and pay attention to the big picture without losing sight of the details that lead to success. “Sharon’s ability to see the big picture in a creative manner and then dive into the finer details is what makes her work so great. Her print design background gives her an eye towards detail that makes projects successful.”

In short, I “do good work” . . . I will take care of your print or web projects and provide support where you need it — so you can take care of your business.

Let’s Do Good Work Together.